Are You Undergoing Infertility Treatments? How To Stay Positive Throughout Your Journey To Conceive

If you have attempted to get pregnant on your own and have been unable to, you may be looking at undergoing infertility treatments. There are many different types of treatments, and the success rates for each method vary widely. For instance, those who take infertility drugs, have a 20 to 60 percent chance of conceiving and those who undergo artificial insemination have a 5 to 25 percent chance of getting pregnant. Unfortunately, the downside to this is that not everyone gets pregnant right away. If you want a baby, it can be disheartening when your period arrives each month and with it, the realization that you are not pregnant. In fact, you may find yourself anxious or depressed due to the stress from these treatments. Here are a few tips on how you can stay positive and healthy during your journey to conceive.

Join a Support Group

One of the best ways to stay positive throughout your journey to get pregnant is to join an infertility support group. Infertility is something that many of your friends or family may not understand unless they have personally dealt with it. Your infertility specialist can recommend support groups to you. Being able to talk to others who are experiencing what you are can be therapeutic and give you an outlet for your emotions.

Ask Your Specialist All Your Questions

Having questions or not knowing what to expect can make infertility treatments even more nerve-wracking. You may not be sure what symptoms are normal, what the odds of conceiving are and whether the treatment you are receiving is the best treatment for you. Instead of bottling up your questions, or not asking for fear of sounding uneducated, take the time to ask your specialist all of the questions you have. This will help calm some of your nerves, which may reduce stress and help you stay a bit more positive about things.

Find a Hobby

The last way to stay positive during your journey to conceive is to find a new hobby. Many women spend a lot of time trying to conceive. They spend time making ovulation charts, reading infertility blogs and researching new infertility treatments.Their lives may seem to revolve around conceiving. And while there is nothing wrong with any of the above, it can start to become border-line obsessive at times. If you are struggling to conceive, limit the amount of time you focus on conceiving and spend your time doing something else you enjoy, such as a new hobby or spending your time volunteering. This can help detract your mind from the journey you are on and give you something fulfilling to do that makes you happy.

When you are trying to conceive, you may be on an emotional roller coaster. You may be hopeful when you are ovulating, but sad when you realize you are not pregnant. Attending a support group, asking your specialist, like those at Appleby Wellness Centre, all your questions, and finding a hobby to focus on can help you stay positive during this stressful time in your life.