What You'll Need To Know Before Your Initial Visit To The Acupuncturist

If you've got chronic inflammation or pain, you might have decided to try seeing an acupuncturist to experience relief. You may not have much knowledge about acupuncture, so keep these five things in mind before your initial session.

Steer Clear of Coffee

Even if you're one of many people who love to have coffee in the morning, you might want to wait for a while after your acupuncture session before drinking some or schedule the visit for an afternoon. Caffeine can ramp up your adrenaline, which can make it harder for the acupuncturist to do their work to relax you. It can also interfere with your pulse, causing it to speed up—your acupuncturist is likely to take your pulse before they begin, and you won't have a correct baseline if caffeine is affecting you.

Have Something to Eat

While there's no need to have an enormous meal, especially because you'll be lying on your stomach during the session, having something to eat a little while before your visit can make you more comfortable. The acupuncturist may tell you that eating gives your body the energy to make the most of the experience, but you should also know that unless you eat a piece of fruit, sandwich, or other snack before your visit, you may have a little nausea.

Know That More Than Needles May Be Used

While acupuncturists seem to be best known for their work with needles, they have a number of other tools that they work with in order to alleviate your pain. The practice of cupping is sometimes used, as is scraping of the skin, and other methods. Ask your practitioner what type of techniques you can expect so that you can learn a little more about them before they are used on you.

Make More Appointments

Even if you don't feel very much after your initial visit, it's important to realize that the true benefits of acupuncture only become evident after you've been to a number of sessions. Don't think it's not working for you just because your pain remains after the first visit; give it a few sessions to see if you start to feel better.

Clear Your Schedule

If you're having work done on your back, it might be obvious that you wouldn't go for a run after your acupuncture session. However, it's a good idea to engage in minimal movement after your session so that your body has time to recover and rest. While you may want to do some things around the house or head out for another activity, schedule some time to relax for a while first.

With the details listed above, you should be well-prepared to begin your acupuncture therapy. Speak with your practitioner beforehand to find out if you should know anything else before you start. For more information, contact local professionals like Integrated Health Care.